What is Digital Library

What is Digital Library

What is Digital Library :

You must be aware that our country is becoming Digital India very fast, the government is bringing new apps schemes day by day, facilities for the public so that the problems of the people can be reduced and time can also be saved. Like Digital Locker Digital Payment, Digital Signature, Digital Library Libraries are repositories of knowledge. Because books and other resources for acquiring knowledge are available in printed form.

With the use of Digital Library , individuals can access books without purchasing a subscription to Digital . With the development and promotional use of digital technology and Internet connectivity , the landscape of the library is also changing rapidly.

Digital libraries can be created as a result of digital technology Internet connectivity and information material in physical form. Books of paper due Digital are to file the room as Computer , Mobile and Digital can be read on devices these Internet is can also be printed, distributed or read Content can be stored locally or remotely Access can be A Digital Library Print and Microform like Media Unlike other forms of Library is one particular of the Digital includes a collection of assets Such digital objects become in the form of Visual Material Text , Audio or Video Electronic Media .

As the store to organize media files in a library and on the characteristics of their being stored remotely enables collection of Digital Library of the content through the local store Network Access can be done.

Digital Library of Digital Resources is a collection of only Digital are present in or in the other as Digital is converted into a Digital objects Visual Material Text , Audio or Video Electronic Media may as | These resorts are usually stored in a wide range of formats and Computer Network users on Access can be such Library Rose UpdateIt can be and users immediately by Access can be.

Advantages of Digital LibraryRunning running this life is the lack of time people are in Online Library to read utility is large to people close to this feature is that online books in Online Library just so not only reads the subject rather novel magazine are available for reading.

1. Digital Library is not limited to a particular place, for this they do not have to visit the Library and different places, the user can get his information from anywhere by using the Internet.

2. A library has a fixed time but Digital Library can be used anytime 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

3. The same resource can be used by multiple users at the same time.

4. Digital Library provides access to very rich material in a more communicative way i.e. we can access a subject book from catalog and then a subject study as well as detailed information about a particular subject.

5. Information about the new books that have come in the market is available immediately.

6.User is able to use any search term for the word or phrase of the whole collection.

7. An exact copy of the original can be made at any time without any customer in the quality.

8. Traditional Library Storage Space is limited by the Digital Library much more information because the ability to store Digital little to keep them for information Physical require Location

9. There are many such online libraries in which you can write reviews of books, from this you can get an idea about which book to buy.

10. Many online libraries give you references of sites to collect information about a topic, as well as the names of the books of the author of that subject according to the topic and topic, so that you can talk to different people about it. It is not necessary to confirm which book to read for a particular subject.

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